Airsoft Championship NL canceled [EN]

Airsoft Championship 2018 canceled

As announced today on facebook by the organizer , the format which was launched in 2013, will not take place this year.

There were only two teams left until the organizers had to give the “GO!” For the 2018 Championship. Unfortunately, at short notice, three teams have canceled and therefore would have to register by 01.12.2018 a total of five new teams.

The organizer says that until 01.12. the registration remains open to have a possibility to start, but much hope this does not seem to have.

Once again, from this example you can see that a league in airsoft does not always arrive well. In Germany we could also find this problem at the concept “DAL” (German Airsoft League). After all, the Airsoft Championship has worked successfully for four years. So there is still hope for the Dutch that it will continue next year.

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