Bad experience for CAS-Events [EN]

Exploration France – canceled

Today, unfortunately, an unpredictable and unacceptable event occurred in connection with our game on 04. & 05.05.2019 in France (Citadelle de Givet).

In November and after the good year of 2018, we decided to offer our community a special kind of game. So we decided as a team that we go to the Citadelle de Givet to start the year there.

The game was completely planned, props, a big banner, tickets and pyrotechnics purchased. And now? A big pile of trouble and unnecessary costs.

The minimum number of players, despite notice in December, until the end of March and thus reached shortly before the deadline.

Since the contact to the “owner” of the field by email was difficult and we did not receive any reactions to emails as well as FB Messenger messages, we have contacted by phone last week. Again, it was confirmed that we have the field on 04.05. & 05.05.2019 in France.

After several open questions as well as no clear written feedback by the alleged operator, we contacted him today by phone again. In the first conversation, it suddenly turned out that the Village des Chateau Charlemont a.k.a. Citadelle de Givet is not rent able by the supposed operator (who advertises on website). Rather, the city of Givet is responsible for the rental itself.

We received feedback that the boss is now taking care of it himself and contacting the city of Givet. Within 48 hours we should get a feedback here.

The feedback came just minutes after the phone call and revealed that the city of Givet has changed its tourist times from late April to early October.

Because of the cultural and tourist factor, it is therefore not possible to play on the Citadelle de Givet from April to October.
An alternative was offered to us by the operator, but our community was not ready to drive another route which takes another 2 hours.

As organizational team we want to apologize to all players or registered persons for the great inconvenience and the high degree of patience. We understand the displeasure that has come up now and will draw our consequences.

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