BattleArena finals 2022 in the netherlands [EN]

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BattleArena Finals

As we found out today via the social media portal Instagram and the Realstrikearena channel, this year’s BattleArena final will be held in the Netherlands. A few years ago we reported on the German team that flew to Belarus to take part in the competition there.

Contrary to the previously known and widespread concept of the new real strike arena in the Netherlands, this is not a kind of speed soft. Rather, the tactical characteristics of the team, as well as the calmness in the game, are the focus of the event in this competition. The game is played as usual Bank Heist.

Most recently, the BattleArena came into the focus of critics due to the partisan decisions and finals. The German team also reported some strange situations to us, which is why no further participation was requested from the first German team that took part. However, as this year’s final will be held in the Realstrike Arena in November and the conditions there are different than before, we can be curious about who will take home the win this year.

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