BE-X FronTier One Einsatzfeldhose

This review wasn´t as easy as usally because normally I review Airsoft-weapons. I´m really confident in technical aspects, how they work, accuracy, rate of fire, stuff like that. Of course I´m able to tell if a pair of pant´s is crap or not, but I´ve never had to write it down or thought about how to test the function propertly. But here we are with the new “FronTier One” by “BE-X” offered by Begadi and me doing a review about.

Begadi is popular for the “BE-X” label instead of Helikon Tex, UF-Pro or Inavder Gear (u are still able to buy these labels as well) but “BE-X” got his own category. The “FronTier-One” series is advertised by Begadi as followed:”With our series FronTier One we start with BE-X into a new era of clothing at Begadi. Previously, under the label FronTier One only the sector extreme weather and softshells was represented as clothing – now we start with the regular field and duty wear!”

I own a Helikon Tex UTP which I will use to compare with, since I used that one for the last couple of years.
The “FronTier-One” combat-pants are created for field use which can easily be addapted for airsoft because the conditions are similar to eachother for what the pants are used for. The demand for the “FronTier-One” combat-pants is phrased as followed by Begadi:”We have put extra focus on a robust field pants, for field use, instead of direct action oriented features. It was important to us to create a robust, durable and comfortable trousers that faithfully travels with their wearer for many years.” And my first impression confirmed what the manufacturer trys to fulfill or is expecting.
The “FronTier-One” combat-pants are lightweighted and easily to wear. I played a whole day and never had the feeling something is uncomfortable or at the wrong place, also the adjustment made it very easy to fulfill my desires.

Another point is that the material seems to be totally diffrent to what I´m used to. I´m not qualified enought to say something about the thickness or the materal itself so I will just compare it to my HT-UTP and compared to my HT-UTP the material seems to be a lot  more sturdy.
While playing I usally sweat a lot and normally my pants are getting soaked. Sometimes I even got wound/sore  at my legs because of it.
The “FrontierOne” combat-pants are totally different. They remained dry all day and I never had trouble with the comfort.
So to cut it short, my HT-UTP is a quite comfortable leisure pants but does not fulfill the requirement for field-use or can keep up with the
“FrontierOne” combat-pants which does fulfill the requirement for a field-use and more.

The camouflage pattern which are currently available for the “FronTier-One” combat pants are “Flecktarn”, “oliv-green”, “MJK/Coyote”  for 89,90€ and “PenCott-Greenzone” for 99,90€. The price difference is due to the licensed camouflage pattern.


+ extended back above the buttock so the lower back never gets exposed while kneeing etc.
+ buttock pockets are easy to accsess.
+ protection against wetness and for exsample ticks´s in the lower leg.
+ insert for kneepad. Fitting kneepads are available for 15€ on top bei Begadi.
+ adjustment straps for thigh and shank.
+ smooth adjustable waistband thx to velcro.
+ The “ITW Nexxus 1 -D-rings” for multipurpose use or for example to secure tools, or fit suspenders.

– I had trouble to open the big lower pocket on each leg while I was wearing gloves, maybe room for improvement, maybe I have to improve my flair.

I am used to wear size 34/34 and the “L” modell fits me perfectly smooth.


I am not really convinced by camouflage in airsoft and never used it, so I don´t want to say something about how usefull it is or try to compare it with other camo´s. The durability and quality will be shown by time, but as I already said the material seems to be really sturdy.
You can watch a demonstration of this camouflage here and give yourself an impression BE-X CombatGear.


The Beagdi “BE-X – FronTier-One”  combat pants convinced in comparsion to my HT-UTP completely ! Better material, more comfortable, and you just recognize someone thought it through. Here we have something where more is just more and u get what u pay for. And I would pay that any time again, but I am also  convinced that i don´t have to for a couple of years at least.

More Information u can finde here: BE-X CombatGear Germany mit der Vorstellung der Produkte

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