Call of Duty MWII – good or cheesy? -Beta Test [EN]

MWII Beta – played

They waited a long time for it, speculated even longer and for the longest time they waited for other games in the series.

If I’m honest, I played all parts of the series except MW3. Partly even only the multiplayer, because I was not really interested in the campaign. Every time, we looked forward to the games that came after the first Modern Warfare. Each time, however, the Battlefield squad and the COD community were tearing their mouths apart before release. Of course, also this time, many gamers draw attention to themselves through negative criticism. So-called “pro player” criticize many things that interest a casual player zero. However, a casual player ensures that this franchise survives for so long, that you can make your content and that the material for complaining and gossiping is not missing.



Who would have thought that, of course there will be an SBMM, albeit weakened. In the beta, there was again no MapVoting between rounds and the lobbies will continue to be reshuffled after each round. The good old days of server selection or even private server operators are over. Farming points to unlock weapons, skins etc. no longer exists. Has advantages for all players but also the disadvantage that there will be many who simply buy the whole shop through PAY 2 WIN and thus dominate the field.

The time to kill (TTK) is low, very low. Often you don’t have the time to react to a shelling at all and are already in the dirt. One person’s suffering is another’s joy. Gammler who limit themselves to squatting on the corner have clear advantages here. This has also already been noticed in the BETA.



In the beta, there were for the most part in the normal multiplayer 3 maps. With all maps you could make out the Gammler spots relatively quickly and make sure that no one gets there or cleans the environment quickly with grenades. Admittedly, some sniper positions are very bad for the other players. However, there was and still is such a thing in every game.

In the museum and hotel there was a long upper corridor and footbridge over which you could then walk over the map and look. In the third map, whose name has been omitted from me, you could often find and wipe out campers on two roofs and a broken house.

As always, the maps have not been reinvented and have similar themes and caracteristics as always. One a bit greener, the other a bit brighter and sandy. I can’t say why it is, but the charm of “overgrown” is always there.


Das Gameplay

The gameplay is very smooth and easy to handle. Only the slide has become shorter and a slide cancel is no longer possible. For this purpose, the “Dolphin Jump” was reintroduced. While sliding, shooting is also impossible. Things we really liked about MW and Warzone are now out again.

The game itself feels rather slow despite 120 FOV. The shooting series sometimes take forever until they were executed. To our great delight, however, drone & counter drone can now be selected simultaneously in the launch series again.

The minimap is unfortunately also adjusted again. Now it is automatically displayed squared, but unfortunately loud moving and shooting enemies are not displayed. Only with drone you can see such opponents.



At the end of the BETA days you can say: The graphics are better than expected (in the reveal streams it looked really lousy partially). The game feels good overall, but still has room for improvement. Not balloon air, rather hot air balloon air.

As was to be expected, this game will have nothing to do with the ESL, as cheats, bugs and gameplay are already not designed for it. Unfortunately, the Pay2Win effect is also part of the game again. In Warzone 2 it will be exhausting again.



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