This FAST-WAR #1 [EN]

FAST WAR Januar 2019

On 13.01.2019 we organized together with Gorillaz Airsoft the FAST WAR at Blackout Airsoft. Originally planned as a pure Speedsoft event, we changed the game day at short notice, as the hoped-for forecast of the Gorillaz unfortunately not worked.

So we have made the originally planned game which includes the game mode “Center Flag”, known from the Speedsoft area, to a normal day for all supporters of the sport. Thanks to the numerous late entries from players and teams, the matchday could take place despite the teething troubles. Speedsofter and Airsoft players met for the first time at this event.

We could not confirm the differences that we often see on the internet and social media on this day. All players got along well and had a nice day together. They exchanged views and once could observe both sides.

On the whole, it was a great match day, despite some unpleasant events. These events led to a later hospital visit and the dissolution of the team “Gorillaz Airsoft” (now reachable under Silverback Gang). Also, for the first time, we received a warning that some of the players had taken off their eyeprotection during the game and were cautioned on an unrecognized Marshall hit (pronounced by combat-as).

Although Philip sees the negative points very critically, there was a consistently positive feedback from the players. Once again everyone could be enthusiastic and got their money’s worth.

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