These were the SpeedQB European Invitationals [EN]

SpeedQB – European Invitationals 2019

On 25 & 26 May 2019, the Grand Opening and the European Invitational Tournament took place in the newly built SpeedQB Arena in Bunde (near Maastricht). Philip was there for you and met well-known people and got to know new ones. You can read his resume here. Here we go…

Before season start

Today …. it should be today. The Grand Opening of the SpeedQB Arena in Bunde, which I pursued since the early beginnings. Where a few months ago the Belgian and Dutch

National team coached for the Battlearena in Finland, today 16 international teams compete against each other. WOW.
About 15 months ago when I contacted my friend in the Netherlands, because I wanted to make again on his site “Wild Mountain” a private game for our community. As he told me, “Wild Mountain I’m not going to do any more, but I’ve got something new, a new project and I’ll keep you updated.”
I was a little bit bent, that Wild Mountain will close. It was one of the two fields that were close to the border and had an excellent organization. Nobody could guess, that a few weeks later I would call again, where it would read: “After visits and talks in L.A. I will now bring SpeedQB to Europe.”

There’s more story in here, but it’s all about the Invitationals.

Long story short: BUMM now we are here! Everyone is excited.

Saturday 06:00 o´clock in the border area between Germany and the Netherlands

Saturday morning, I hardly slept before

Excitement and my daughter just got up at 06:00 in the morning today. No matter … Get out of bed, the daughter is in a great mood and it seems a little bit, as if she realizes that dad is looking forward to drawing soon. Parallel to the preparation of the breakfast of my daughter, tens of thoughts go through my head. Do you have everything with you? Have you recharged the batteries? Is everything going on as Bert imagined? What do I wear? I am representative of SpeedQB Europe in Germany and I do not want to run around there with my Combat-AS clothing. .. “In the end I had the T-shirt of Combat-AS underneath, because many have never seen me but eg write with me about Instagram …

At half past eight i went to the car, to the gas station and on to Bunde (NL).


Arrival SpeedQB Europe Arena approx. 9:00 am …

…. and everything is going on. After I was instructed in the parking lot, it started. The first known faces met like the German team ATSB, the Belgian team Second 2 None (S2N), the many Dutch teams that I met during the visits in recent weeks (S2C, Unique, Triggered….), as well as the French team Hazard Hornet. I brought my backpack and other utensils once where I was then welcomed by Daniel (staff SpeedQB EU / Area57). There had been a lot of work in the past two weeks that I was not in league.

Video installation is running, a small shop at the entrance, a toilet cart, coffee for everyone. What more do you want? Oh yes … get to know the second german team. CrazyQB with its long journey, well recognizable by the crazy designed jerseys I had found then. They talked a lot about what to see, looked forward to the first match and talked about the scene in Germany. Then the first teams started to get ready for the breakout

On both days I was there from start to finish, feeling the atmosphere and the open mind setting. Since I was the only one from combat-as, I was not able to follow every game and did not take pictures of everyone. I hope you do not mind me.

The atmosphere

When you go to a competition, you often have the same picture. The opposing teams push each other, martial arts is the opponent before the actual fight

already in the ground to ram, football are all big friends (for the fans are aggressive). In short, I think more contentment and cohesion despite a tournament, there may still be the snooker. The teams all got together and exchanged, helped each other and you could feel a happy togetherness.

Even though I have occasionally asked questions here and there, I never felt like I was really bothering or, because of whatever, just did not fit into this conversation. On Saturdays it was still so warm that I had to take off my sweater in order not to fall dead in the sun. However, it was also nice to see that some of our logo is known.

The Games

In the games it was noticed that e.g. The Legion Airsoft Squad and Uplift from France have more experience in such a field than others. When asked by a player from Legion, I was told that they have recreated the field in England on a subair paintball field to train. In general, Legion has the strongest and most experienced with one or the other player in Europe and could transmit this throughout the Tournament

The teams ATSB and CrazyQB from Germany definitely have a very good and fast style of play. The first game for Germany I have followed was CrazyQB vs S2N (Second 2 None). It was hard for me here to call a party a favorite for me.

On one side was CrazyQB, nice guys who were among the first Speedsoft teams in Germany. On the other side, S2N was from Belgium, with which I was (partially) allowed to spend more or less the last weekends. In the end, S2N won the game.

Highlight for ATSB and Germany was probably the match against Legion 2 from England on Sunday. Since a player has failed in Legion 2, SYG DEEMOE jumped in on the Legion 2 Squad. Thus, ATSB could play against THE European Team including one of the most famous players from the USA. But nervousness could not be noticed externally. They have started this game like everyone else before. In retrospect, of course, one could hear in a conversation that the German players were already very pleased with the situation. The game was fair and fluent on both sides, but Legion 2 scored the points in this game.

In the end, Legion and S2N collided on Sunday to contest the European Championship in the final. Very good game scenes in which u.a. two players at the same time in the cross at the center flag arrived. All in all, from the perspective I had from the stands, it was a great game, well considered from both sides. The winner was then only 40 points ahead and thus entitled Second 2 None!


My personal Highlights

Where do I start, if every single second of the day (the trip excluded) was a highlight for me? … I summarize briefly in bullet points.

  • Saturday, the last game of the day by Unique Airsoft (NL) and they put on a terrific aggressive gameplay and can win twice
    Saturday + Sunday, all teams got along well, sat together, made some jokes, the atmosphere was amazing
    Sunday, ATSB plays in Looser’s bracket against Legion 2, who have joined forces with DEEMOE
    Sunday, DEEMOE jumps in because a player is missing
    Saturday + Sunday, personal meeting of the Speedsoft Arena France organizers
    Saturday + Sunday, personal meeting with my friend @ from France (player at BIA)
    Saturday CrazyQB met the first time after months in person
    Saturday + Sunday meet all teams and see each other again from teams
  • Saturday + Sunday SYG players SAPO and DEEMOE met and held talks
    Saturday + Sunday Bert is overjoyed and satisfied
    Saturday + Sunday all employees of SpeedQB Europe / Area57 / Realstrike are highly satisfied and have fun
    S2N wins the final against Legion
    Award Ceremony and Acknowledgments by SpeedQB Europe Bert Fraiquin, SAPO and DEEMOE



The conclusion is very short and crisp: It was one of the best experiences and match days since my beginnings in 2010. It just went great!

Critics will always exist but as a friend once said to me “just keep calm and keep going” (quote: Bert Fraiquin, mid of SpeedQB Arena building phase)



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