The craziest Shooter 2022

High on Life: Genius or stupid?

Today I downloaded the shooter High on Life after a friend recommended it. The title is currently available free of charge in the XBOX Gamepass, or can also be purchased on local platforms.

The Story is short

In the story you play a 30-year-old who lives at home with his parents and hasn’t done much except games. The beginning is interesting here, because you play a shooter in retro graphics that is supposedly inspired by DOOM, until a knock sounds from the background and calls for you. Slowly there is a transition from the retro game to your TV and thus to your Zommer, where your sister is waiting for you with a mirror and coke/speed. On the mirror you now choose how you want to look and reject the nose powder.


Shortly thereafter, an alien ship lands in front of your house and the story continues. In order not to spoil too much: You will become a bounty hunter in the universe shortly after landing and will receive support here and there.

What about crazy?

In High on Life pretty much everything is exceptional except for the beginning of the game. weapons the are really spaced out with faces, their own heads, constantly swearing and psychopathic at its best. Awesome looking worlds, stupid NPCs and relatively weird missions.


My opinion

If you like LSD trips, Rick and Morty and funny game designs, this game will be your favorite for a short time. Even if the NPCs and talking weapons can be really annoying, the game is fun.

But I’m pretty sure that this game will be entertaining. After 2 hours it got boring and annoying. All the better that you have the game for free in the Xbox Gamepass.

Gameplay stream:

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