Evolution Airsoft E.T.S. at Philip´s [EN]

Evolution Airsoft E.T.S.

After we request the Italian manufacturer “Evolution Airsoft” belonging to the “Evolution International” group, we could get one of the new drop-in trigger systems and take a closer look to it.


In contrast to the last tested Mosfet, the Perun V2, the Evolution Airsoft E.T.S. is a mechanical trigger system. Mechanically we call it, because the trigger itself is not detected via optical sensors, as at Perun and GATE Titan, but via a micro probe. This has both advantages and disadvantages that appear depending on the end user’s view. The clear advantage is that when triggering a certain pressure point is felt. On the other hand you press with a optical light barrier which is installed at Gate Titan and Perun into the large emptiness.

Disadvantage of the whole SMD Micro Button thing is: mechanical stress on the probe and solder joints cause after a certain time wear on the probe and brittle solder joints. This can lead to considerable disruption, especially in complex systems.

Not only the trigger is controlled by a microswitch. The Drop-In also monitor the cut-off lever with a microswitch. Again, the same with the mechanical load.

In contrast to the previously tested drop-in modules, the Evolution Airsoft E.T.S. System has only one pcb part. The extra over-dimensioned Mosfet is not directly on the board, which saves space in installation. So you do not have to be overbearing when assembling the Gearbox Shell.




The programmable functions of E.T.S. are similar in scope to those of the ASCU Gen. 5.

As with almost all drop-in modules, programming takes place via the fire selector lever and the trigger. A simple procedure, which considerably limits functionality and programmability.

Due to the microswitch you can do not set the trigger sensitivity. Likewise, there is no DMR mode in which one could set a trigger delay. We now show which programmability the E.T.S. brings with it.

Burst Mode 1-250 bbs
LiPo protection

Thanks to the Mosfet, the following advantages for the user arise:

7.4 – 14.8 volts voltage
faster response
better rate of fire


Well, we are dealing here with a more than 2 years developed and improved Drop-in Trigger & Mosfetsystem. The adjustability is slightly behind the competition, but then reflected in the price. Where the competition starts at 80.00 €, the ETS system is just ~ 55.00 €. There are also three system integration options: Complete set, only Mosfet without ETS, only ETS without MOSFET.

Price-performance is right here so.

The E.T.S. We would recommend to anyone who needs a simple kit to protect and improve their system. The mosfet is so good oversized that this comes as normal construction.

We will test the Drop in Kits every 1 year and tell you which one is giving up the ghost or which one has the least deficits.


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