1st Combat-AS sponsored SpeedQB Team [EN]

A plan B is always good

With the hype of Speedqb and the growing community around Speedsoft, of course, problems are not too short. Thus, at the beginning of the year, the team “Arger Unicorns Speedsoft” was dissolved and many a player stood in the rain. In addition to the well-known German teams ATSB (NRW), CRAZYQB (BW) and 99 Airsoft (FFM / NRW), it was getting thinner and slower. In Germany there are not really fields that offer a possibility for Speedsoft players, let alone make SpeedQB playable. SpeedQT was also pulled out of conflict of interest and trademark law. Thus, 3 German teams from the scene and the competition said goodbye to the Speedqb start.

Plan B founded in 2018

But not every breakdown of a team means bad. The captain of the Unicorns has now come with the 99 Airsoft team. Polo and Smersh, together with Alunk, who left the team from Psiau, made a plan B for themselves. Meanwhile, it is a full team and ready for the competitive use. We wish the whole team a great success and a lot of fun in the interaction.


Sponsored by Combat-AS

Due to the continuous cooperation and support with and for SpeedQB, Philip and Olli have assembled and decided to support the team “PlanB” according to their possibilities. “We are delighted that Plan B is bearing our logo, and Combat-AS has emerged from a team breakup and we know how hard it can not be to give up,” Philip said after releasing initial images of Plan B.

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