Graduation-game 2018 [EN]

Season graduation game 2018

Yesterday (09.12.2018) we had our final game at Blackout-Airsoft. Of the 48 people registered, there were a total of 44 players to celebrate with us the closing of 2018. In addition to the previously known fields such as the jungle and the CQB Area, we were allowed to use the outdoor field. Just like the jungle, the outdoor area has been planned and built with great attention to detail again.

People who doubted at the beginning of the mass of players, were better taught. So three groups of players were made, who then changed the areas in turn. Everyone could play once in each area and experience the full extent of Blackout Airsoft. We were waiting for a negative feedback, but this time every participant was thrilled to the last detail.

With a total of eight employees, the team of Blackout provided the briefing, the care of the players over the catering for a smooth running of the day.

We would like to thank the loyal players and the team of Blackout for joining us in celebrating the conclusion of 2018 in the new style of Combat-AS Games.

Your Combat-AS Games Team

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