ICS Transform M4 “long” Review [EN]

ICS Transform M4

Begadi-ICS-Transform-5.jpgSometimes it makes sense to be old again, proven hare once again and to see if the handle is still worth the classic.

So it should go today. In the forums, ICS is often touted as a manufacturer of mid and high budget weapons. In recent years, ICS has repeatedly thrown “new” weapons on the market, dominated with more optical than technical changes. Thus, after the UK1, the MK3, the HOG, the M.A.R.S., the MMR etc. Thus, ICS offers a selection of optical design for every taste, but what about the internals?


Begadi-ICS-Transform-9.jpgThe UK1 Transform M4, to be discussed today, was the step from ICS to TM compatibility. The old-timers will surely agree that ICS always stood for a good body quality and the popular Split Gearbox system, but always had to live with the compromise, not every RAS, not every grip and not every stick to be able to block.

With the UK1 came the EBB then, the appropriate dimensions for Aftermarket RAS systems, etc. With the M.A.R.S. Series, a few years later, also came the first relevant technical changes. The Upper Gearbox got a spring fast change system (in the following FSWS) and a Mosfet, whereby the manufacturer until the release of the Mosfet almost gave no information out. The disappointment was quite big, as not in every ICS the SSS system was installed but “only” a “normal” Mosfet. Because with the subject Mosfet the manufacturer has always been very slow, while manufacturers such as G & G or Ares built their Mosfet chips always solid and reliable.

Enough about the history of ICS M4 systems, let’s see if the handle to the ICS Uk1 Transform4 is still worth it.


  • High-Cap Magazine ICS typical mad of Polymer with a little Window
  • Nice designed package
  • Cleaning Stick
  • Pack of 0,20g ICS BBs
  • Fuses
  • red MFD tip

Techic Features

Since the first Uk1 series, ICS has been equipped with solid steel gears, a reinforced piston incl. Pistonhead, the popular ICS 3000 engine, and the Metal Hopup Unit. There is no need for rework, the durability of the individual Gearbox components have proven over the years to be reliable and durable.

The engine pulls everything solid up to M130 springs, we really do not need anything more. The Uk1 models have come since the M.A.R.S. is delivered, even with the FSWS shell. What we miss is the Mosfet, which was probably saved. Also the SSS system, which weighs heavily as an argument against Ares EFCS or G & G ETU, is unfortunately missing here. Otherwise, the manufacturer installed no 6,08mm but 6,04mm “Tuning runs”, which shows the standard Hopup rubber solid, but not outstanding performance.

Is the UK1 of ICS worth the price?

Here you have some Pros and Cons:

Begadi-ICS-Transform-7.jpg+++ the ICS Gearbox Split System is and remains the non-plus-ultra if you want to wait or tune the gun! Access to Gearbox, Gears and also Run and Hopup is very easy.
+ Solid full metal body with slim Keymod RAS
+ good cable management and thus good space for batteries in the stock tube
+ good internals, durable and no replacement needs

o Hopup performance is ok
o The weapon is quite strong with ~ 1.6J – the exchange on M110er spring is very simple

– we are looking in vain for a Mosfet or similar, which protects the Switch Unit from wear.



IBegadi-ICS-Transform-6.jpgCS is always worth considering, if you have the money, which is not new. But to whom would we recommend the weapon? First the tuners, who like to tinker and also like to rumtesten a little with Hopup and runs. The barrel is easy to roar and the energy is easily adjustable thanks to FSWS. But even the beginner, if he has saved the small change, can resort to ICS and UK1. The missing Mosfet is annoying, but with 11.1V Lipo the weapon will not jam so fast, and if it does, it will be solved very quickly.

Many thanks to Begadi, that we were allowed to look at this Airsoft again. You get these here: https://www.begadi.com/ics-cxp-uki-transform4-ebb-s-aeg-long-schwarz-frei-ab-18-j-ics-265.html

The recommendation of the editor:

Get Begadi build a Gate Titan from Begadi and you’re happy. This mosfet, well it’s almost a small computer, prevents jams, thanks to the latest technology improves the flow of electricity immensely and ensures a crisp response.

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