KJW KP-01[GBB] A P226 as Test at Olli [EN]


KJW KP01 right

My first review for Combat AS is about the well-known P226. I have deliberately chosen the P226, since the market is now almost flooded by 1911s and Glock variants. In addition, the P226 personally tells me a lot. I will not go into detail on the real steel model, if you are interested in you can read through the article on Wikipedia.

Tech Specs:

The gun has a heavy weight of 945g and a total length of 133mm. The inner barrel has a length of 97mm.
The weapon is “Co2-Ready” ex works and magazines can be purchased from Begadi. Optically, the Co2 magazines differ by a thicker magazine bottom.

KJW KP01 Schlitten
KJW KP01 Schlitten

Unfortunately, I can not make comparison pictures because I do not have a Co2 magazine. Will be supplemented if necessary at a later date.
The magazine holds a maximum of 26 BBs.


Technically, the KJW KP-01 is almost completely compatible with the T.M. Unfortunately magazines from both manufacturers can not be used because T.M. Magazines have minimally shorter recesses. Although KJW KP-01 magazines can be found in the T.M. 226 are used, the other way around is unfortunately hardly possible.
You could possibly change the “Magcatch”, or edit the magazines themselves, if you absolutely have T.M. Would like to use magazines.
Also, “tuning parts” of various third party providers are compatible. (Guarder, Poseidon, Meaple Leaf, Creation, Nine Ball and Co.) may need minimal refinishing.



Performance & Features:

KJW KP01 left
KJW KP01 links

The energy of the weapon is at maximum of 0.9 J and an average of 0.8 J. What immediately noticed during the first test, the P226 likes no cold.
Although it is possible at an ambient temperature of about 10 ° C to shoot a complete magazine empty, but the slide catch no longer attacks.
Another test in warmer environment will follow. For cooler seasons, it is therefore advisable to get a Co2 magazine, as these cold are less sensitive. The weapon has a “decocking”, which allows the tense cock to relax. This feature is rare, but it proves to be very practical.
The Double Action trigger allows the weapon to fire without having to repeat the slide first. This can be useful in the heat of the moment, when you return from the safe zone to the field and forgot again to load the backup.
Assuming you have the weapon previously relaxed with the “decocker”, is also equal to a BB in the barrel.
An additional backup is not available if you get used to the “decocking” but not necessary.
All controls are on the left side. Carriage lever, “decocker”, disassembly lever and magazine ejector. The P226 is more for Right handed designed.

Optics & feel:

The handling itself is balanced and the weight of almost 950g is quite impressive. Who is used to only Glocks, will be surprised at first. A tight thigh holster is mandatory here (if preferred). Amomax holsters, IMI or Blackhawk universal holsters are perfect and easy to use.

The processing of the pistol is impressive, except for the handles, the entire pistol is made of metal. The handles are like the original model also made of plastic.
Original handles can be used allegedly, but I can not confirm 100%.

KJW KP01 zerlegt

The plastic is processed neatly and has no burrs at the transition of the two halves. A dock for attaching a “lanyard” is also available.


The finish of the weapon is dull black, apparently KJW has improved and eliminated the shiny finish. The coating does not seem to be very thick, as minimal traces are visible after use. After prolonged use, the pistol should show signs of wear quite quickly. Anyone who likes the “used look” will be pleased. The frame is equipped with an integrated rail to accommodate lamps and lasers or “runcams” (observe German legislation).
Markings are for license reasons none available, only on the handles is a P226 and KJWORKS lettering.
Further markings are missing. Particularly noteworthy should be the attachment of the “Import Markings”, because they are located on the underside of the trigger guard. Clean and relatively dark lasered.


shot test

The shooting test was made in calm conditions on ten meters and 25 meters with ten shots. The first ten shots at low distance were fired at a 14x14cm target and all hit the target. Even at a distance of 25 meters, we could easily place another ten shots on a man’s big target. What has unfortunately struck is that GBB usually has the cooldown at the current temperature not long in coming. Thus, the magazine has blown off relatively quickly after 15-18 rounds. However, this can easily be avoided by ordering the appropriate CO2 magazine.


In fact the KJW KP-01 provides a solid base and visually makes a good impression, the only two points of criticism would be the lack of performance in cooler temperatures with the gas magazine and the non-existent Sig-Sauer logos.
But you get for 135 € a cheap and fully functional replica of metal, which you can “upgrade” at will.
So if you are looking for a playable alternative to Glock and Hi-Capa and you are not interested in markings you will be well served by the KJW KP-01.

Many thanks to BEGADI for making the KJW KP01 available, you can get this here:


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