Klotzi, HawkEye and Martijn leaved Combat-AS [EN]

Only two left

Some may already read this through the social channels of the two editors “Klotzi” and “Jonas a.k.a. HawkEye “. For the people who missed it, we write a short news.

Klotzi and Jonas researched, moderated and wrote for us for a relatively long time. Unfortunately, we now had to part them. The time spent on this project, which is really huge for everyone involved, occasionally creates the urge to leave it all and take a different path. That feeling has met our most loyal and longest friends now. Both have sacrificed their free time for several days a year and this is now no longer possible due to private circumstances.

Unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to our main editor for the Dutch side and the head of HQ NL. However, this does not say that the Dutch information will not come. Martijn was always enthusiastic about Combar-AS, its events and will continue to be welcome.

We say goodbye with a crying eye and a laughing eye. The crying one stands for the good and high-quality work that now has to be made up, while the laughing eye stands for the fact that we can of course continue to count the three of us as our friends.

Everyone has been given the option to return because they are unique and competent in their own way.

We wish all the best for the future and look forward to the next reunion.

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