looked at Secutor RAPAX [EN]

Combat-AS in touch with Secutor Rapax

Secutor Rapax – a few details

At the IWA fair in Nuremberg, we were able to take a closer look at the new RAPAX model from Secutor and gather more information. As already suspected, an Ares Gearbox with EFCS system will be installed in this airsoft weapon. Thanks to the electronically controlled firing process, these gearboxes are very reliable and, if you care for them, they are almost unbreakable.

secutor rapax fireselectorThe design of the RAPAX is really successful and it will appear in various color constellations soon on the German market.

It is also interesting to note that the fire selector of this gem can only be set to “Safe” and “SEMI”. However, this can easily be avoided by removing the shown pin.and place it backwards in the hole. Now you can switch directly from Safe to full automatic

Handy for left and right shooters

Where the “airsoft technicians” often despair, the links Sagittarius. Both Magrelease and fire selector lever are both-sided and very easy to reach. The handle and stock of the weapon feels pleasant and very Magrelease Secutor rapaxhigh quality. In general, this gun has remained true to style and material quality of Secutor and you will realize that it will be worth the money.


Good to know: The folded-over piece of codura, which is attached to the MFD on one weapon and another directly on the handguard, is delivered directly from home to every weapon.

Soon available in Germany

According to Secutor himself, the weapon will be available and available to the dealer in a few weeks. As begadi.com has secured the exclusive rights to operate Secutor in Germany, we may be able to review one of the jewelry soon.


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