NSL First Division Winner [EN]

Winner First Division 2022

Today was the last match day of this year’s First Division league. In this league this year, the newcomers and older teams, who did not have enough points to advance to the pro division, competed against each other.

The live stream for the First Division took place, but could only be followed with two static cameras. Unfortunately, the viewer experience at home was not comparable to the Pro Division or the Nations Cup 2022. Since a few things will change here by next year, we are eagerly awaiting the planned 2023 league.

There were only winners

The First Division only has first- through third-place winners this year.

On third place, we find our sponsored team S.O.N. Speed ​​division. After you had the start in 2018/2019, you have prevailed as a team and have been the leader of the First Division 2022 to date.

A relatively fresh team also took second place. The Plague Doctors were able to use the points against S.O.N. prevail and took the well-deserved second place.

In the end, as always, comes the best. Wolves CA from Switzerland have improved their tactics and professionalism throughout the year and only because of that they could secure the first place in the First Division. You recognition and respect for this team is great and justified. They have been able to improve steadily since they were founded in 2021 and stay at the top of the table despite slipping up. Today, when the points are counted, it is clear that it has paid off.



A special shoutout also goes to the new German team “Honey Badgers”. Season 2022 started and immediately went full throttle. Unlike other teams, the Honeybadgers lined up with just 5 players and went straight from fun gaming to the First Division. You have done very well for the direct entry.

Congrats to all teams


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