NSL Sports Nations CUP 2022 [EN]

NSL Nations Cup

Nations CUP 2022

Last weekend the Nations Cup of the NSL (Nations Sports League) took place for the first time. Of the 12 expected teams, 6 teams competed against each other. Many canceled at short notice due to the economic situation and the previous back and forth of the Covid-19 policy. Thus, on the weekend of 22.07. – 24.07.2022 Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain and Germany and clear the top dog among themselves.

The Games

BabyGoat TacosLike the new First and Pro Divisions, the NSL Nations Cup was played on the main draw in the Netherlands (Realstrike Arena Nederlands). In addition to the high physical strain, there was also an enormous weather-related strain this weekend. We were there on Saturday to give our sponsored team (Team Germany) a little support and provided water and light food. During the main break, the organizers also served something from the grill. The felt 60° directly under the roof of the arena made the spectators sweat like the players on the field. It is therefore clear what an enormous burden was on each individual player.

As usual, the games were very disciplined in the first rounds and everyone was happy about the friendly and sporting events between players and referees. On the first day, Germany was still in penultimate place

Cringe Airsoft

, but then recovered quickly and ended the group stage on a positive note. Unfortunately, we couldn’t watch the second day on site, but the live stream makes it possible to experience a lot live. A little later than announced as usual, but this is probably due to the different time zones of DE and NL *smile*. Germany was then able to assert itself against France and the Netherlands in the final stages and faced the long-running favorite Belgium in the main final. The game was heated and exciting until the end. Unfortunately, a first degree penalty against the player GATO (S.O.N.) meant that the team was only 4 men on the field for a short time. In the end, this cost our team of hearts victory and was able to secure second place on the podium. So one thing is certain: Belgium is and will remain the top dog in European Speedsoft at league level.



Congrats and thanks

We would like to thank our 10-strong team for the exciting time in front of and behind the scenes, all the sponsors of the team who made it possible for jerseys, tracers, BBs ect. available for this tournament. The promoter Area57 B.V., Realstrike Arena Nederlands, Monk Customs, SpeedTaq. The referees for their work despite the high mental stress. The media team behind the Realstrike Arena, Cringe Airsoft for commentary, TACOS BabyGoat for the NFL tire interviews and inserts.

Congratulations to Team Belgium for first place, Team Germany for second place and France for a well deserved third place.

See you next year.





Pos Team Matches Played League Points Point Difference Points Conceded Hangs Snatches
1 Belgium 5 15 +96 129 33 12 13
2 Germany 5 12 +10 112 102 9 6
3 The Netherlands 5 9 +8 88 80 9 7
4 France 5 6 +6 71 65 7 8
5 Spain 5 3 -27 90 117 8 3
6 Italy 5 0 -93 58 151 6 1

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