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New optical Mosfet by Perun

Perun V2 Verpackung

We were very surprised when we were contacted directly by Perun, that they would like to have reviewed their new Mosfet on our site. This happened before the official Germany release and we got the V2 units sent directly after production. Since the freight route was slightly delayed due to distance and the production, we can now report first after a few spoilers on Instagram.

Packaging & Processing

Lötstellen Perun V2

The Mosfet is delivered including the accessories and mounting material in a plain, printed cardboard box. Inside we find the mosfet neatly in an antistatic bag, as well as a few stickers, a spare fuse, a note with QR codes for description & installation instructions, as well as a stylish plastic card in the form of a card game card printed with the features.

The processing of the mosfet is neat to us very clean. Soldering and SMD components show no “blemishes” (such as excess flux) or damage. The boards are coated with UV varnish and secured on the back with foil against short circuits. Any electronics person who sees this board will agree with this assessment.


Functionality & Features

Perun v2 Programme

To summarize: Yes, we have a cross between GATE Titan and Airsoft Systems ASCU Gen.5.

We do not want to deprive you of the longer version and thus describe the mode of operation and why it is called “optical mosfet”.

The optical mosfet, which comes from the same genus as the GATE Titan, is called like this because all functions and controls are done by means of optical sensors. For example, The Sectorgear is monitored via an optical sensor to monitor the complete sequence of a shot, and additional sensors monitor the Fireselector plate and the trigger position. The Perun V2 thus completely dispenses with mechanical control and thus has fewer mechanical influences which can cause damage. Here is the Perun V2 to the ASCU of Airsoft Systems front, but still behind the GATE Titan.

Similar to the ASCU of Airsoftsystems also the Perun V2 Mosfet will be programmed via the trigger . So you can, for example Set seven fire modes, switch active breaking on and off, set precocking, activate battery protection. All this is programmed through different sequences of triggering. Whether this is a pro- or a contra point, we leave to the respective user. From the functional range, however, the GATE Titan variant is still ahead.



The applicability is wide-ranging thanks to the high compatibility. According to the manufacturer LiPo batteries are 2-4 cells 7.4V – 14.8V, NiMH 8-10 cells 9.6-12V and LiFE batteries 3-4 cells 9.9V-13.2V allowed. The highest ROF is 50RPS OR a M210 spring.

However, be careful when changing the Gearset. If Max / Infinity Torque Gears are installed, errors can occur because the optical unit can no longer detect the firing cycle.

The Perun optical Mosfet will also be released for the V3 Gearboxes and as an upgrade for G & G ETU models.

Just like the others, the Perun V2 optical Mosfet now comes in two versions adapted to the German market. Once internationally at full functions and once nationally as a “semi-only” variant. You can get these two versions already at




Clearly, we have a manufacturer who takes the benefits of a GATE Titan over the optical monitoring and all that is in an ASCU-like module. The functionality is good, but not enough for some tech freaks. The trigger can not be adjusted for sensitivity, but is still optically monitored. What immediately noticed, are the pleasant rubber cable and the T-plug for battery connection. If we remember back, the good Jonas cursed quite a bit when laying the relatively rigid cables from the GATE Titan. What alone good cables to prevent installation difficulties, is in some a pure gold. With our very patient (NOT) Philip, all the weapon would have gone into the barrel when the Titan was installed.

The clear PLUS for the Perun V2 is that there will be an “upgrade kit” for the G & G built-in ETU. So even players who have a G & G box, obstruct another Mosfet. Further information will follow.

Whether an optical or a mechanical variant of a Mosfet is outstanding, everyone must know for themselves. A clear disadvantage of an optical mosfet is the susceptibility to contamination. For certain manufacturers, you can clean the entire gearbox before egg brewing, since the fat is almost dripping out of the gear box. There is no mechanical load on the electronics, which then like to cause errors.


A Video will follow.

Thanks to Perun for the mission to review their newest stuff.

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