PS5 – Sony price update [EN]

Playstation 5 – even more expensive despite poor availability

Since the beginning of the release, Sony has struggled with sales of the popular next-gen console. Even today, there are actually customers of the Sony group who are waiting for their games console for 6 months or longer and there is no end in sight.

Sony has now announced that the consoles will again receive a price increase of a whopping €50.00. As a reason, the manufacturer called Sony, like any multi-billion company, of course, inflation. I call it rather greedy and poorly managed in the past.

Microsoft is following

After Microsoft found out that its biggest competitor, Sony, was raising the price of its next-gen consoles, it didn’t hesitate either. The price of the XBoX models will also be increased. Instead of using the opportunity to position itself even bigger in the world against the competition, Microsoft XBOX has probably also developed into a howling buoy and is looking for the solution with the little man/little woman.

My opinion: Big minus humans

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