Rules/Format Europe

TEAM vs TEAM (5 on 5)

  • Each team may only have 5 players in the game each match.
  • Substitutions are allowed before/after each match. Subs are not allowed during the match, in between rounds
  • Injury substitutions: if a player is injured during a match, a substitution is allowed. Injured player is not allowed to return to participate in later matches of the same event.
  • Ringer substitutions are allowed for that event only. Ringer cannot compete on multiple teams at the specific event, must only play for one team. (ringer = non-team member and/or a member of a different team)


  • One Match = 3 Rounds or 4 Rounds (determined per event, based on number of teams and event time constraints)
  • Championship matches = 5 rounds
  • Coin toss before each match, winner chooses which side of map for first round
  • Round = 4:00 min max
  • 3 Round Matches: Team wins match by winning 2 of the 3 rounds. If one team wins first two rounds, 3rd round is not required. For the winner, only the two won rounds’ points count, for the loser, only points scored during their won round count.
  • 4 Round Matches: Team wins match by winning 3 of the 4 rounds. If each team wins two rounds, total points are factored to determine the winner of the match. If one team wins first 3 rounds, the 4th round is not required.


  • 100 Points per round (115 Points max with Bonus)
  • 25 pts First Flag Possession
  • 50 pts Flag Hang (Ends the round)
  • 5 pts Each Player eliminated (5 players = 25 pts max)
  • Bonus 15 pts awarded if the flag is hung with at least one opposing player not eliminated – doing so will also grant kill points for every opponent still alive.


  • Team Ready Warning. Verbal and visual ready confirmation by ref with both teams.
  • Round begins by horn/whistle blow from ref.  No countdown before horn/whistle.
  • Each Round is 4:00 min max time.  At the end of 4 minutes, horn/whistle ends the round and points are calculated.


  • Obtain possession first (25 pts)
  • When flag is in possession, flag must be held in hand and be clearly visible by refs (cannot hide flag in pocket or dump pouch)
  • After possession of flag, flag may be dropped intentionally on field. Dropping the flag will result in losing points for first grab! Flag may be passed to other team members via direct transfer or dropping flag (no throwing flag).
  • Flag Hang on opposing spawn point (50 pts + Ends the Round)
  • If Flag-bearer gets hit, flag must be dropped immediately where bearer was hit, within 1 meter of hit location. Points scored for first flag grab stay will not be lost in this case, however there will be a 25 pts team penalty for a late flag drop and/or outside of 1 meter from hit location, intentional or unintentional.


  • Teams “breakout” from a starting wall/bunker located at center of Team Spawn point.
  • Each Team Spawn point is marked 8ft wide, along the starting wall/bunker
  • One foot must be touching the starting wall/bunker within the 8ft spawn point before round begins.
  • All guns must be physically touching the spawn wall/bunker within the 8ft until round begins.
  • 50 pts team penalty for false starts. False starts = early breakout, guns and/or feet breaking contact from the spawn wall before the starting horn/whistle


  • All types of guns are allowed
  • Tracers / Illuminated BB’s mandatory
  • Auto-Strobe lights are not allowed
  • Semi auto only. One trigger pull = One shot (feathering OK)
  • All guns must have trigger guard
  • Double/extended triggers are not allowed
  • Rifles = Mid Caps Only (200rd max per mag)
  • Pistols = Extended Mags and M4 Mag Adapters OK, no DIY mag adapters (200rd max mid caps only)
  • Shotguns = Shell Fed or AR Mag (200rd max mid caps only)
  • No limit on total number of magazines/shells
  • Blind fire (firing without looking where you’re aiming) is not allowed.
  • FPS/Joules = max 1.1 Joules using 0.25 gram BB’s. Actual limit may be determined by field based on field’s policies.
  • After each set, players will be chrono spot-checked per ref discretion. Shooting hot = player is removed from the event, no exceptions. Team plays short one player for the event.


  • No “surrenders” / No “bang-Bang” kills
  • Knife kills count


  • Officiator conducts Team Ready Warning and controls Game Start/End
  • Officiators have full power to call hits upon players and pull players
  • Officiators have final call to any disagreement/decision on field


  • Any bodily contact with a BB is considered a Hit. This includes any part of bodily gear. Camera hits do not count.
  • Gun hits do not count.
  • If opposing players shoot each other at the same time, both players are out.
  • Dry fires do not count as a hit.
  • Ricochets do not count as a hit.


  • FOULS = Not calling your hit, intentional or inadvertentThree fouls maximum per team, per event.  Individual fouls are held against team.1st offense: Team loses that round, loses all points for the round.2nd offense: Team loses that round, loses all points for the round. Player with the foul is pulled from the rest of the match. The affected team plays one man short, no substitutions for rest of the match.3rd offense: Team loses that round, loses all points for the round. Player with foul is pulled from rest of the event. The affected team plays one man short for the remaining matches of the event.
    • 4th offense: Team loses the match, eliminated from the tournament.
  • FALSE STARTS (early launch) = Team loses 50 pts
  • LATE FLAG DROP (flag bearer doesn’t drop flag immediately when hit, dropped more than 1 meter from hit location) = Team loses 25 pts
  • CHRONO VIOLATION = player with weapon shooting over the FPS/Joule limit is pulled from the event, team plays short for remaining matches.


  • Official Tournaments are Double Elimination Format. A team must lose twice to be eliminated. Win bracket champ must be defeated twice by the Loss bracket champ.
  • Championship Matches are best of 5 rounds.
  • Non-tournament event formats may include other formats such as single elimination or round robin variations.


  • Official Tournament brackets are determined by annual rankings by region, which are updated monthly.
  • Higher rankings result in a more favorable bracket for the team in regional and national tournaments.
  • Ranking events = sanctioned SpeedQB events
  • Rankings are determined by the total number of match wins by the team, during ranking events. Losses by the team are not factored into ranking, only total match wins.
  • Wins by a team that is competing outside of their region are factored into their home region’s ranking, not the visited region’s rankings.
  • If multiple teams are tied in total wins, the team with higher attendance to ranking events (in-region or outside of their region) is ranked higher.
  • Regional rankings are updated after each sanctioned event.

Rights & Usage of Marks

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