Season 2018 – A review of the year [EN]

Season End 2018

When Philip decided at that time with Nils to turn his former team website into a plain review and info site, nobody could anticipate what obstacles, problems, disputes but also positive contacts, experiences and friends one would gain. However, Philip’s constant ambition to do something for the players did not always bring only good things with it. So, in 2018 two of his best colleagues said goodbye right away. Partly due to misunderstandings, partly because the time required for everyone involved in the project is enormous.


Always having a lot to do with Klotzi, he had to say goodbye to a creative head who planned the live show Kallsign Klotzi, organized a Warq-Helm or was also considered Philip’s right hand for a certain time.

Beside Klotzi Jonas a.k.a. Hawk Eye also withdrew from the activities of Combat-AS. Here the effort of the Combat-AS project had to give way to private time and professional reasons. However, it may be that he gives his best occasionally. -As a moderator in the technology corner of our new forum , he certainly didn’t want to miss it.

Also Roland and Timo, who both did a very good job, left Combat-AS again after a short guest performance.




Not to forget to mention the first participation of German players in an Airsoft-League taking place in Finland. So, in February we could watch the “NICHTnationalELF” live on TV during the competition at the Battle Arena. Philip would have almost been there at the time to report live. Unfortunately, all this was a little short term and therefore no suitable flight could be found any more. But he did still gave an interview, which you can watch on our YouTube channel.


At the beginning of the year, we came up with the idea for the players, who value “straight rules”, fairness and solidarity, to create some other experiences than the hardcore gameplay. So, we met in January 2018 with 24 men at Blackout Airsoft  in the Netherlands. Many of the players didn’t know the field yet, which we reported about several times and proclaimed our enthusiasm. Philip was already a long time before the Airsoft giants like the Airsoft heroes at Blackout and was already able at this time to report to the German community about the uniquely designed field.


With the end of the season on 09.12.2018 Combat-AS organized four games in 2018. It all started in spring 2018 with 24 people at Blackout Airsoft (NL). The second day already saw the double number of visitors and was organized in midsummer at Wild Mountain (NL) in cooperation with Area57. This was followed by the third day in the King Forest (NL) where we could reach the number of almost 70 visitors. Every single player went home with positive experiences & new acquaintances and could give positive feedback almost every time (whenever it was something negative, it was nothing big).


Especially the strict rules and the promise to have an “awesome” day has brought in so many people that the number of visitors and members of the community around Combat-AS is constantly increasing. What also must not be forgotten is the increase in partners and the deepening of partnerships. In 2018 alone, we were able to greet our new partners and friends: Gate (, Airsoftsystems, ASMC (, Area-M (, GsP (, Area57 and Aufnäher Express (https://aufnaeher- and deepen our partnership with These partners, friends and cooperators make Combat-AS what it is. A review, info, technology and games site from players for players. Many thanks to all of you on this matter.

We also have big plans for next year. The first two games, scheduled for spring 2018, are already in the starting blocks. Maybe you’d like to be there too?

In any case we thank all players, supporters, editors and friends for the beautiful year 2018 and hope that 2019 will be an equally exciting year for all of us.


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