Secutor Rudis II “acta non verba” [EN]

Secutor Rudis II in Review

Today we are dedicated to a classic. A 1911s, one of the oldest and best known handguns in the world. Secutor has come up with an extremely modern design and makes the “Colt 1911” shine anew.

Tec. Specs:

Barrel length: 112 mm
Powered: Co2 (ca. 1,1 Joule) Optional Green Gas (ca. 0,9 Joule)
26 rounds
875 g
Price from 180 to 185 Euro
Manufacturer: Secutor Arms/ APS

What’s new on the Rudis II?


Technically, nothing special is to be expected here. It is a well-known 1911 system, as it is already known by tens of manufacturers. The Secutor Rudis is Co2 powered, 2 magazines with a Co2 capsule is easily feasible. The Co2 system makes winter operation absolutely possible. Alternatively, you can also fall back on Green Gas Magazine. If the performance in Co2 operation is too high, you can swap the Nozzle for a LowFlow Nozzle and thus reduce the power. The Nozzle comes from the factory and the performance is about 0.8-0.9 Joule. What about equate with green gas.

The kick when using the Co2 Magazine is really hard, it’s fun to shoot the pistol. However, it should be 0.25g BBs be used, since 0.2g despite rausgedrehten HopUp already pull up. The range is impressive despite the short run length. Targets at 30 meters can be hit easily.

The weapon is compatible with most tuning manufacturers. KJW and TM parts are mostly compatible. However, magazines from other manufacturers do not fit. 1911 Typical is a handball safety device and double-sided thumb safety device.

Kimme and Korn come in the “Combat” version. White dots make it easier to aim. A rail makes it possible to record lamps, lasers or runcams (observe the law). The lamp we use has no function and is for illustrative purposes only (a deactivated dummy).

Well, what makes the Secutor Rudis so extraordinary?

In fact the design!

Even the packaging is conspicuous and not such a 0815 carton. Secutor has definitely understood, the eye buys with. The weapon is very modern and has various markings.

Above the slide the imprint “ACTA NON VERBA” takes place.
To the left of the slide the model designation RUDIS II. On the right side of the frame are the registration markings “Begadi Cal.6mm and the F. These are relatively weakly applied and do not stand out so conspicuously, so that the overall picture is not disturbed. Personally, it bothers me every time the markings are too conspicuous.

We have the Stone Gray version, in this version the Outer Barrel is in silver. In the black version (RUDIS X), the outer barrel is also black, just like the version in Tan (RUDIS V). All Outer Barrels have a negative 14mm thread to mount mufflers or tracers. As already mentioned, we got the version in gray. The color looks good and harmonises perfectly with the design. However, the coating does not seem to be particularly thick, so that signs of wear can be seen relatively early.

The handles have a dash & waffle pattern in a very handy design. On the left side there is also a recess for the thumb. Works optically well and facilitates the achievement of the Magrelease. (Especially for smaller hands.)

Is the gun worth the price?

If you just want to have a 1911 without “specials”, you will certainly find a cheaper model, for example. from KJW. However, if you value optics, you will get a nice Modern 1911. The ability to use Co2 and Gas Magazine is a clear plus.
In general, the gun is made in the usual good quality, only in the coating would have been in my opinion “more simply more”.


Personal conclusion:

I really like Secutor’s Rudis series, as it stands out from the crowd. Even if technically nothing new is offered, the model convinced me. It’s just about style!

We thank Begadi for giving us the pistol.

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