SpeedQB Europe [EN]

SpeedQB in Europe (EN)

In 2019, the Dutch company Realstrike.net (also known as Area57 Events) started the distribution and laying of the foundation stone for SpeedQB Europe. Owner and founder of Realtrike.net is the Dutchman Bert Fraiquin, who maintained the playing field “Wild Mountain” with his company until the end of 2018. There, Philip Herchenhahn and Bert Fraiquin met in 2017 and had regular contact from this day on.

Bert Fraiquin already succeeded in 2018 in convincing US-based league and company SpeedQB that SpeedQB could have a bright future in Europe. He was invited and received several times as a guest at Tac-City USA and the CEO of SpeedQB. Bert loves the kind, manner and culture that SpeedQB has developed in the US in recent years. Likewise, as a person, he clearly favors the competitive factor that you really have with the varieties of SpeedQB unlike normal Airsoft gameplay or Milsim. He decided for himself: we also have to have that “with us” in Europe.

After many visits to Los Angeles as well as telephone calls, it was clear at the end of 2018: SpeedQB is coming to Europe. Through the close contact between Bert and Philip, which is based purely on mutual Sympathi, Philip learned from Bert’s plans and was immediately enthusiastic. He could barely wait for Bert Fraiquin with Dutch & Belgian Realstrike.net teamsBert to be “OK” for a visit to the field. The first visit by Philip took place during the construction phase, where he was allowed to observe the two national teams of the Netherlands and Belgium during training.

Bert has a lot to do in Europe. For example, he also wants to have playing fields in neighboring European countries and to run a SpeedQB Europa League. How and when all this is going to happen remains to be seen. However, one can be sure that this will be implemented in the usual Fraiquin professionalism.