SpeedQB Europa starts [EN]

SpeedQB Europa searching for Teams

Today it became officially known via the social media channels. SpeedQB EU is now looking for teams out of up to six EU countries who want to play the Competiton Games. The known countries include Belgium, France, the Netherlands, England and Germany.

Questions, Quenstions, Questions

The Saviors Speedsoft
The Saviors Speedsoft

We only know that the teams are being sought from the countries so far. Exact information what, when, how to find instead, we have not yet. We only know where the whole thing will start at the beginning. The game will be played in the Netherlands in “Bunde” near Maastricht. The location and choice of the place is well thought out, as you can easily travel here with the usual traffic options to Maastricht.

The registered teams will then not, as usual in airsoft, compete without plan and finish against each other. Rather, it will be a great competition, with points and only one winner. The game is monitored by video installations and various referees in the field.

Looks like Paintball

Realstrike Teams at Airsport

Right. The roughly considered airsoft player is quick with the statement “is like paintball only with airsoft replicas”. Roughly speaking it is, but if you look closely, there is a little more behind the topic SpeedQB than just this. Speedsoft is like a movement that grows through the challenges of the teams, the purpose of which is to make Airsoft “salon-capable” and to hold a competition in terms of sport like activity.

In addition to the actual competition, there is also the culture SpeedQB brings with it. Sure, it’s about winning in the competitions and leagues. But you can not ignore that. So the topic “hating” between the teams does not exist, you help where you can and if sometimes a player is missing here or there, you will always find a way to fix it. The fun and the meeting of like-minded people is the Alpha and the Omega. What you wear is up to a full-face protection actually a “do not care”, the main thing is: you have fun and you are fast.

I will join NOW, but HOW?

In order to participate in the games or the competition, you must register in advance with SpeedQB EU. This is done via an e-mail to info@speedqb.eu, or you write us an e-mail and we take over the registration for you. We are happy to support the teams from Germany also with questions or information about our social media channels.

Since we are in close contact with the oldest and most experienced Speedsoft teams in Germany such as: Crazy QB and ATSB and also maintain a cooperation / friendship with the European head of SpeedQB, we can always help you at short notice. Please do not hesitate to contact us or ask Philip questions or for help.

About Philip

Philip sammelt seit 2010 Erfahrungen im Airsoft Bereich und gründete mehrere Non-Profit Unternehmen. Bis 2011 war er nebenberuflich als begeisterter DiscJockey in verschiedenen Clubs Deutschlands und den Niederlanden unterwegs. Die Begeisterung zum Schreiben und der Kommunikation über Internetseiten und Social Media bewegten ihn dazu im Jahre 2017 Combat-AS zu gründen.

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