SpeedQB Europe at Dreamhack Rotterdam [EN]

SpeedQB European Championship at Dreamhack Rotterdam

We still remember as if it was yesterday when the SpeedQB Arena in Bunde (NL) opened the doors. Since then, several months, ups and downs, losses and victories have been.  Now  the  SpeedQB  Europe  Championship will be  held  at  Dreamhack Rotterdam. 

We have the end of the year and now it’s about everything. The European Championship. This will not only be thrilling, but will also sweep through the history of SpeedQB Europe with a loud bang.


The dates 18.10. – 20.10.2019

From 18th to 20 of october this year, one of the biggest multimedia and gaming events will take place at the Ahoy Event Center in Rotterdam. Several thousand visitors, gamers and this time also SpeedQB players and fans are expected. An event of superlatives. In cooperation with the Dutch association NABV, evike.com, Realstrike.net and SpeedQB Europe, there will be physical sports in addition to the e-sports this year.

We are excited and wish all participating teams good luck!

Game plan

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