SpeedQB European League – Groupes for february [EN]


SpeedQB European League 2020 – Spieltag 15 & 16.02.

Yesterday during the 2 week “Breakout” stream on TWITCH the groups for the first two match days were determined.

SpeedQB European League 2020 Groupe A

In group A there is the German team ToyForce which is still very new, but last year several opponents convinced that they were right within the Speedqb Scene. Group A still faces difficult times. The opponents should not be underestimated, even if they play less often or are new.


Group B

Germany is also represented in Group B. In our opinion a real hardcore group. Almost all of the “big players” of the last tournaments will compete against each other. This is also where ATSB plays, which won first place at the first SpeedQB Germany Tournament in November. However, difficult times will also come for ATSB.

Link to full groups: https://challonge.com/14370if9


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