SpeedQB Germany, a review[EN]

SpeedQB Germany review

After a few days, we also thought a bit about the SpeedQB event on 01.11.2019 at Airweapon in Tönisvorst. The resume and what happens in the future you can now read here.

Players feeback

Let’s start with the player feedback. Shortly after the “Day One” event, Philip sent a poll to the participants. Topics covered in this survey were Best Experience, Worst Experience, Game Content Satisfaction, and more. The feedback was very good despite a few glitches and we as organizers could feel confirmed: Everyone got their money’s worth.

The biggest criticisms were: no lunch break, no food on the spot, no merch booth

We will now discuss these points. Let’s start with the lunch break:

Due to our time quota which the location dictated to us, we had to reckon with the “worst case”. “Worst case” means that each match lasts 3 rounds. That we had so much time in the end, was pure luck. If we had known before that we got through so well, we would have taken a longer break and / or allowed more teams. You never know what to do, but so the referees and visitors once had the opportunity to visit the pitch.

You can accept the second point, but theoretically you do not have to. Due to the close-fitting matches, it was hardly possible to eat something clever. It should also be noted that “local food” is accompanied by various hygiene regulations. Whether they can / will be met is a point that we need to talk about with the location again. In the normal case, but you would have had the opportunity to order pizza or drive to the nearby fast food restaurants / drive. Anyway. The point has arrived and we clarified. Possibly. through small snacks etc.

Let’s get to the last point. This point has Philip also causes some pain, as this extra area was released. Why this day nobody was present with the local products, we can not answer today. We apologize for this point in all its form.

The Pitch

As you have noticed, the playing field was previously neither visible nor playable. This had the simple reason that so the surprise effect was greater and also no one before would have secretly
can train to gain an advantage. SpeedQB is not just about luck, but also about the skill of the players. To adapt to the local conditions and to change the tactics in the short term is just as important

The field itself was built very low, apart from the rear six coverings. This was positive for one player (because of the challenge), for the other player rather negative (too low, no cover …). Well, we learn as mentioned above. to. Considering that we have built the whole field in 16 hours due to communication difficulties, we can still be at peace.

What will be in future?

As the focus of SpeedQB Europe is currently on the Netherlands, we are currently waiting for a feedback or a meeting with the managers of SpeedQB Europe. But there is a little more hiding behind the whole thing than just playing days, so it may take some time. We definitely stay on the ball and hope that we can hold the “German Regionals” in 2020. Whether this will happen remains to be seen.


We thank:

-SpeedQB Europe and SpeedQB to make us let it happen
-Reapers Speedsoft Division (BE) for beeing a part as Referee
-All helpers
-All participants
– Airweapon

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