SpeedQB Germany Day 2, first infos [EN]

SpeedQB Germany Tournament “Day 2”

As you could follow on our page on Facebook, we were again in Helenaveen (NL) to meet with the management of SpeedQB. After several weeks it is now clear: SpeedQB Germany Day 2 is coming!

Infos and updates SpeedQB Germany Day2

The Day 2 event will be supported by SpeedQB Netherlands / Europe in 2020. The location is searched and chosen by us. Refs, defemse and livestream will be organized directly by SpeedQB. The livestream from this event will be broadcast on the SpeedQB Europe channel on YouTube with live commentators.

What up with german regionals/championship

This was also a topic that was raised. We quickly agreed (SpeedQB, Combat-AS, consultant) that this time a league of its own made no sense in Germany. Due to the legal situation, only German players or German airsoft devices may be used in Germany. There are currently 10 fully-fledged teams across Germany. Of these 10 teams, only two have registered for the European Championship. So it was clear that a German title would not make sense.

Like the SpeedQB Germany Day 1, the sequel will be about bringing players in Germany closer to the sport and the unique format. So it may well be that we reach new players and teams with the Day 2 event (just like with the Day 1 event). Of course we still hope for our own SpeedQB league in Germany, but according to the circumstances this is difficult. So far we are far away from the 26 teams coming to the European Champioship and hope for newcomers to the German scene.


When and where will Day 2 take place?

This remains in the room. We have several locations where we could organize the day, but we still have to get in touch with one or the other. Stay tuned and wait for the next news on the topic, we stay on the ball as always.


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