SpeedQB Pro Division EU – Challenge for players and organizers [EN]

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SpeedQB Pro Division EU – A Challenge

Last weekend the first rounds of the ProDivision were played in Helenaveen (Realstrikearena). It was two tough days for everyone involved, because not only the players were under enormous pressure for up to eight hours, but also the organizers and referees had a hard weekend. Where the first matchday was still running to the normal extent, on the second day it became a progressive challenge as the hours pass.

Return travel conditions prevent teams from participating

Since the Netherlands is currently considered a high incidence area, the entry or return to one’s own country is a piece of work or even not possible without a quarantine of up to two weeks. On Sunday, all players who traveled through Germany or back to Germany had to show a current negative corona test to avoid a fine. The quarantine regulations are set differently for stays of less than 24 hours, as this counts as “transit”. The requirements of the EU’s neighbouring countries meant, among other things, French teams/players not to arrive. For entry into DE, the tvr rule (tested, vaccinated, recovered) continues to apply for a stay of 24 hours.

Team Chaos (NL) & S.O.N Speed Division help Legion Airsoftsquad (GB) and ATSB (DE)

The Legion Airsoftsquad was also hit hard by the travel regulations. On Friday, only two players from the EU Pro team arrived and were supported by Team CHAOS from the Netherlands (Cavey, Nemi, AlunK) and Germany (Sol). Team ATSB had the same problem. Again, players were missing due to the GGG regulation and holiday time which is currently in Germany. For ATSB, among others, CHAOS Blueyes played as a stake.

Injuries on the second day

With high sporting demands, injuries can always occur, especially if the players have not been able to train properly for months. Unfortunate movements and the decrease in concentration can also contribute to (severe) injuries. On the first matchday there was a failure of S2N CQB Junky and an injury to a player of the Terra Knights. On the second day, the streak of bad luck should not break off and it came during a game between Second 2 None (BE/NL) and Legion (GB) to the accident of S2N TsjoepTsjoep. After the breakout, he wanted to slide into the corner, catching a dry spot on the ground with his knee. The knee stopped, the rest of the body wanted to continue and it came to a not insignificant strain which did not allow him to continue playing. Also at ATSB (DE) there was an accident during the last games against the Legion Airsoftsquad. This is where ATSB.Fivves was located in the right “U” he lost his mask through a team member and bruises on his face. The game was interrupted for a short time until all players were back on the dam and then continued. Fivves definitely didn’t look so good immediately after the games. A thick swollen upper lip and a clearly visible pressure point on his face marked his accident.  

End of the day

Before the last rounds were played, there was a coordination between the captains and the organizer. The question arose as to whether the teams would hold out for three more rounds or whether the day should end sooner. It was agreed to play one more round and to distribute the remaining games over the next league days. Thus, everyone was satisfied and the day could end in peace. It should be noted in retrospect that there were other incidents of disruptions to the flow of the game. On the one hand, during the breakout announcement, a loud bang suggested a false breakout, after which the game was briefly interrupted. This bang was produced by a spectator who hit the walls and there was a new start to the round. Furthermore, there were companions of teams who watched the live stream during the game with sound in the death tunnel and thus also produced a false breakout. In the latter, however, no penalty was awarded.

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