Technology Guide and review | MOSFET gate complete set [ICS tubular S custom]

TECHNIC-Guide and review | MOSFET gate complete set

Hello and welcome to our latest review. Today, we want to test the latest generation of MOSFETs with you. We have sponsored an overhaul buddies ICS tubular S custom for this purpose.  Let’s start with the shopping list.

Shopping list:

TITAN complete set [rear wired] in the gate shop for 163,72 euro SHS “SUPER SHOOTER” CNC steel GEARSET 14:1 in the for 34.90 euro LONEX SHIM SET in the for 3.50 euro AIM TOP F430 SPIDER TORQUE UP MOTOR – lang in the for 47.90 euro in total: 250,02 EUR for tuning parts and the MOSFET

Basic information:

Why have we decided for the respective things? Quite simply, we tinker with for several years now on our ASGs. This my choice falls mostly on the aim top F430 the powerful motor is dual set of ball bearings. He is very smooth and has nearly 27,000 revolutions per minute at the first control. That alone right here to make the right choice with this engine out already. A shim set must be, here we choose for reasons of reliably accurate processing of Lonex shims. As gears we have and for the SHS “Super Shooter” CNC Stahlgears decided 14:1. Here, it was particularly interesting that the gears have separate bearings. This makes the gears smooth and energy-saving.  However, these are then something harder to shimmen. Last but certainly not least, the GATE titanium MOSFET. It is a MOSFET with massively many setting possibilities. For players like us, living in a border region (this happens only in the neighbouring country of law location note!) is interesting. There is also within the ASG on Fullauto has reprogrammed with this MOSFET minutes. But now we provide you first all settings in the overview.

  • Trigger sensitivity / trigger sensitivity
  • Pre-cocking boost / preloading in the cylinder
  • Fire selector mode / fire selector lever can be adjusted differently
  • Burst mode / two to ten quickly following single shots
  • Rate of fire / shot speed
  • Low battery warning / LiPo and LiFe Warner
  • Battery protection / shooting no longer, if the battery is too low
  • Sniper delay / an electric break to the Snipern allow to simulate

(more info from the manufacturer:

  • In the scope of supply of the TITAN were COMPLETE: the drop in module
  • “tactical programming card”
  • USP-link
  • the PC software (download)
  • Mini-Tamiya adaptor
  • Three quick start guides

For the installation, we watched a video of the gate itself. Each installation has been shown here step well. Of course we have made, which take into account peculiarities of an ICS gearbox some photos. And also the Geartausch describe a bit. So continue to implement.

The implementation:

  First we have to put everything together. We always check whether we have everything before we start with the technical implementation. Next, we need to open the gearbox and take out the old internals. Is important in this step that the insides of the shell are free of fat. We are careful where we put the screw, best before to draw itself on a sheet box and write this number to you which things has expanded what step. This helps then afterwards in the consist.   The bottom Board looked directly into the half of the shell. It had only sent out and be screwed.         The boost in the Middle – Dremel [/ caption] you can well see that the upper Board of the MOSFET does not fit. -Dremel is announced! [/ caption] The upper half of the shell must be processed. The MOSFET can unfortunately not into: after which the sand increases [/ caption] was also polished the pins for the centering of the cable. Else was closing the shells no longer possible. [/ caption] After the Dremel has done a good job. Can now insert the MOSFET.               The conduit must be routed. We have stuck it down the cable at the transition to the Bavelgear using cyano.       Now we come to the Selectorplate and the sensors. So the sensors detect the Selectorplate, you should apply the white patches. These are to be centrally located. After attaching the sensor check is performed and checked whether the fire selector is working properly.     Here a picture to the Selectorplate sensor check – this is successfully completed.       In the assemble the shells and one must bend the small spring the ICS buckle parts (upper-lower gearbox) at the bottom so that the function is still.       Now, only the gears must be inserted and geshimmt – voila: Welcome to the new home – the gate Titan unit works fine! [/ caption] Conclusion: The SHS Super shooter CNC 14:1 Stahlgears sound TITAN MOSFET as of a Systema in conjunction with the GATE. It sounds as soon as the triggers a juicy “Ching, Ching” the aim top motor retracts the configuration extremely powerful. By the pre-cocking occurs immediately after the withdrawal of the shot. It is after the shimming no cawing and creaking heard. Everything is extremely consistent. To date, we had always soldered MOSFETs, but sorry guys, as of now, there is the GATE titanium MOSFET. Here, we will make any more concessions in the future. At this point, we would like to thank Gatee simple collaboration the company. Likewise, we thank BEGADI who will advise us on the gears and have provided the SHS gears us. We will do this, bring out a wide part in the future, then it uses the settings etc. deal. Stay tuned so! With the kind support of our team of angry unicorns Airsoft technician: Dave, thanks for the read, buddy

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