A visit at Airweapon – 99er Speedsoft Team [EN]

Met 99er Airsoft at Airweapon

99ers at break timeToday, Philip met up in Tönisvorst with a few players of the Speedsoftscene. The Airweapon Hall is located on the edge of Tönisvorst and attracts players from near and far for years. So you could see today about 50 players from Oberhausen, Radevormwald, Gelsenkirchen and Duisburg. Among the players today were also players of the 99 Speedsoft team, a player of ATSB, as well as a few Speedsoft single players.

Speedsoft is getting more popular

Clearly different worlds met here, which you would not see closer on a normal Airsoftevent. The normal airsoft player, beginner and Speedsoft player.

Speedsoft made the leap to Germany thanks to the former CEO of CONOS ohG Daniel Conraths, the players of Bad Brigade and Crazy QB. Last year several games were held in Wuppertal & Ilmenau and the first teams formed in our area (Germany)

Thus, the team 99_Airsoft formed around the famous player and Instagramer Bellator in early 2019. With one of these players Philip had made an appointment today. They know each other from the time when this player made the beginnings in Airsoft and switched from paintball into the airsoft scene.

Since Philip has been actively involved with the german airsoft scene for years and since mid /late 2018 till today also in the Speedsoftscene, it was not just a normal meeting. Rather, he wanted to confess flag in relation to the starting SpeedQB field in Maastricht and introduce himself to the other unknown players. Since speedqb was planned to be opened in Europe he is in continuous contact with the Headquarter and leader of SpeedQB Europe.

At the moment, Philip is a bit physically restricted and therefore he could not participate in the gameplay. However, this did not detract from his optimistic way, as he likes to take pictures and videos as well. The feedback from the players to Philip as a person was mostly positive and they spent a nice day with lots of in-game photos. Philip is looking forward to the next reunion, which will probably take place in the Netherlands at SpeedQB Europe.

Chiqui at AirweaponHe thanks the 99 Airsoft players and the Airweapon team for using this day to talk to players as well as hall owners and staff.

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