Wolverine´s new System – Reaper-M [EN]

Wolverine introduces new development on IWA2019

Like many manufacturers, Wolverine also had a stand at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2019. In addition to the previously released HPA drop-in kits and the well-known in-house airsoft weapon “MTW” (Modular Training Weapon), there was something new.


Reaper M in V2 Gearbox 1MTW Configurator

The MTW can now be completely configured on the manufacturer’s website. Multiple choices for Handguard (6 “-13” M-LOK Rail), Lower Receiver (normal or ambidextrous), Stocktube (HPA, CO2, normal), Outerbarrel (7 “- 18”), Internals (Inferno engine & water resistant or normal Electronics).


New mechanical drop-in Reaper-MReaper M in V2 Gearbox 2

What was new at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2019? Well, in addition to the previously known drop-in kits for V2 Gearboxes (Hydra, Inferno & Reaper), a new face will be available soon. This “face” is called Reaper-M and is fully designed for the normal or milsim airsoft player. On a fully mechanical basis, it is possible here to even submerge with the modified weapon.

The mechanical trigger has a resistance of a true AR15 (about 1814g – 2722g/ 4-6lb) under pressure and will mechanically open the valve. If you pull the trigger a mechanical extension will press at the back of the drop-in kit.

Thus, the whole mechanics in any case are not susceptible to moisture or water. When and who will have this part in Germany in the shop is unclear so far.




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