XT 301 Compact Tracer [EN]

I think i´ve never bought such a small box for such a price and I´ve never had the itch to buy a tracer because i thought it´s to big, to long and also the enemy will see the flash when it illuminates the BB´s and know my position, but here we are thx to the guys from CONOS-Airsoft-Store.

So why the change of Mind and me taking a shot with a tracer-unit ? The answer is Speedsoft and the benefits of  using a tracer while playing it.
The illuminated BB is easier to follow and so its easier to recognize a hit by myself or by the referee and also it helps aiming in this very fast gamemode, in which its is mostly comon to play without a reddot or scope.


Price:74,95€  CONOS Airsoft Store
Delivery: Tracerunit, Barreladapter

The “XT301 Compact” is produced by Xcortech which is well known for their chronometer´s. The tracer got a 11mm +CW thread to attach it directly on to a pistol but thx to the included 14mm -CW thread adapter u can use it with the most common rifles as well.

– Lenght 6 cm, Diameter 3 cm 
– The battterie is installed permanently and will be charged via mikro usb.
– The batterie holds up for 20 000 shots.
– Batterie status: Green -“good”, Yellow – “don’t worry”, Orange – “a litte concern”, Red – “empty” (Qoute from the Manual)
– The tracer can illuminate 32 BB´s per second.
– Green tracer BB´s only
– Standby function
– When stored load every 2 months

The delivery does not include a printed manual.
But u can download it at www.xcortech.com.tw.
Also a couple of essential informations are printed on the packaging.


Press the button for 2 sec. – LED blinks green and the tracer turns on and will blink green every 5 sec.  To turn the tracer off press the button again for 2 sec. and the tracer will blink and turn off. 

I´ve tested the ATC-X under reallife condiotion attached to my Cyma AKS74UN in the Netherlands. My plan was to turn it on at the beginning of the gameday and check if the tracer works as promised. I`ve used the whole 2000 shot packet of Lonex tracer BB´s and the tracer did´t failed once.
Afer the game I even forgott to turn it off again and noticed it back home while checking and cleaning my stuff.
The batterie was still not empty thanks to inbuild standyby mode in which the tracer turns automatically after 110 sec. 

Here is a short video with a few demo-shots indoor to show how bright the BB´s get illuminated.


The look maybe does not please everyone but with this tracer we´ve got one of the compact ones and also it works how it is supposed to be and is easy to opperate. Because of my lack of knowledge with tracers in general i can´t really tell if the price is justified but for me it´s totally fine.
The tracer works perfectly smooth and is much smaller than most of the common tracers so everybody who looks for a compact and easy to opperae tracer unit should give this one a shot.

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